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Investment  Philosophy

Our goals are to produce returns that far exceed the risk of our investment activities.   We concentrate our sourcing efforts in less efficient markets where we have proven to find asymmetric returns.  We couple our sourcing with diligent research, analysis and investment management.  

A diligent investment process must also be paired with a fair and transparent investment framework for our clients. We operate within a procedural environment and reporting framework that prevents conflicts of interest and creates a well monitored practice of allocation and client prioritization. Finally, the compensation structures of our funds are aligned with our clients.  We enjoy the benefits of success alongside our investors.


Areas of Investment

Municipal Bonds

Municipal Bonds

Lapis invests in the $4 trillion municipal bond universe with a specific emphasis on distressed and defaulted situations.  We invest both in small and large issuances and in all types of municipal bonds. Lapis is able to apply creative solutions for borrowers, including restructurings and recapitalizations.