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What is Lapis Advisers?

A: Lapis Advisers, a registered investment adviser with the SEC, provides liquidity to investors and creditors who hold illiquid securities and claims. We are not brokers, but specialize in aggregating and actively managing illiquid securities in diversified pooled vehicles.

Will there be any commissions earned by Lapis associated with a transaction?

A: Lapis Advisers charges no commissions nor does it earn fees in association with a transaction.

When will I be paid?

A: Lapis pays within three days of receiving confirmation that a security has transferred.  This can take anywhere from a few days to a few months for securities that transfer quarterly.  Please speak with our representatives on the normal transfer time for your specific security.

What is the form of payment?

A: Lapis will pay in cash by check, or for larger transactions, by wire.

Why is Lapis interested in my note security?

A: Lapis and its affiliates are specifically organized to manage illiquid investments.  Lapis may utilize various strategies to hedge its investments, actively manage certain situations and/or spread the risk of any one illiquid investment over many investments. 

Can Lapis provide references?

A: Yes, please contact us at 877-44-LAPIS for references.

What is a medallion signature guarantee?

A: A medallion guarantee is similar to a notary but provided by a bank or a broker.   A medallion guarantee of your signature may be required to transfer your security.

Why would Lapis want to purchase my bankruptcy claim?

A: Lapis specializes in managing complex distressed situations and bankruptcy claims. We are willing to contribute legal and operational funds to distressed situations to manage our investments and even aid in the reorganization of the company in question.  All bankruptcies carry a certain amount of legal, procedural and timing risk. We minimize that risk by purchasing claims in many cases, and often in many different entities within a specific bankruptcy filing. We purchase such claims with an aim to make a profit and reduce our risk across numerous investments.  

Why would Lapis want to purchase my REIT shares?

A: Lapis pools investments in numerous REITs together in a structure that is able to hold and maximize such illiquid investments. We purchase such shares with an aim to make a profit and hope to diversify the risk of the investments across numerous property types, structures and management teams.


  If we have not answered your question above, please contact us to discuss Lapis and
the liquidity terms we can offer for your security at 877-44-LAPIS, 877-445-2747.