Lapis [la.pis]

(noun) Latin for stone or milestone. Romans placed ‘lapis’ markers every 1000 paces along their roads. At Lapis, we mark our progress with successful investments and longstanding relationships.

Larkspur, CA

Denver, CO

Lapis was founded in 2009 to invest in special situations with an emphasis on turnaround opportunities in the municipal bond market. Over time, Lapis has developed and grown its business to include performing, stressed and special situation investing in both the municipal and corporate arenas. Our capital base provides the flexibility to custom-tailor solutions for borrowers that may not be easily served by more traditional credit providers. Our dedication to professionalism, industry insights, speed and certainty of execution are hallmarks of our business approach. Lapis is known for its collaborative investment approach and has a long history of successful partnerships.

Our professionals, each with decades of experience, are accustomed to working with companies to meet their debt capital needs. Our investments are bespoke to each borrower and often satisfy complex or time-sensitive needs.